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Day 21 – Something Special…a feature story

What was life like before you were born again? More specifically, what was your view point on life like? i.e people, yourself etc.

I was born into a Muslim home. My dad is very religious and Islam very serious even though my mom wasn’t too serious about it. But my dad made sure we all went to mosque. But even while going to mosque just like my dad made sure we all did, I still never get the religion, I didn’t have any purpose we only saw things in black and white. I was always moved by physical things, always got at even the smallest things, hold grudges, cause that was all life was about.


What was the deal breaker for you to make the decision receive Christ into your life?
So in my family we all went to boarding school as kids. Even though my dad is religious he was ok with us going to catholic school (ironic right). The deal breaker for me was wen I was in grade 9 ( in Nigeria it was SSS1). My best friend then was a Christian, we had always do things together, even though I was always putting more effort in whatever I did, there was always something special in whatever she did, so I asked her one day why this was happening and she replied God’s grace which I kept trying to understand what she meant by that. Around same time some issue was going on at home and my maths teacher then was trying to lead me to Christ. In my mind I was like ok let’s give this a try and see what would happen. My maths teacher lead me to Christ remember the only reason why I had let her then was to see if God could fix was going home at home. And I was amazed what happened at what happened after, things changed for the best. My friends kept asking what happened to me, my families did as well. But deep down I knew the grace of God my friend was talking about now dwells on the inside of me. My life never remained the same.

….and that marks the end of the 21-day blog series. Over this time period I’ve learnt so much and one of which is that nothing can stop a determined mind; second, consistency really helps build some muscle….before this sprees over to being another post, it’s goodbyes from here… till next week.

PS: My birthday was amazing! Thanks to every single one who sent birthday greetings short and sweets and epistles alike. I love you all so much!


Day 20 – Growing Pains – a featured story

Q1: What was life like before you were born again? More specifically, what was your view point on life like? i.e people, yourself etc

I like to call it Life before Christ. . . and life before Christ for me was basically being religious about Christianity and morals; not necessarily asking questions but doing whatever I was being told to do in line with showing that I was truly a Christian and at a point in those moments, I begin to realize that people are more complicated than they project and Christianity was more like a battlefield and no one is safe. . . like you really don’t know people and just because you see them raising hands every service and smiling at you doesn’t mean that’s who they truly are! People care about posts and self-righteousness than they truly care about Christ and brotherly love. It was more like, I got lost early, became thoughtful early and journeyed finding self when others were busy being guided.


Q2: What was the deal breaker for you to make the decision receive Christ into your life?

My deal breaker was actually giving up on God, questioning His existence till I got to a place where I had to renew my mind; like I realized I was fighting the wrong war and I was staying mad at the wrong person. . . who stays mad at her creator? Me! Why? Because I felt God abandoned when He could have actually come through for me and in between the anger, the pain, the shame, the depression, fatigue and loss of appetite for His presence, I realized He kept me and He wouldn’t hurt me at all and sometimes when I think about those moments I cry like I’m doing right now because it was ignorance – you know when you realize someone was there all along and all He wanted to do was help you and there you were thinking He caused your pain and you just don’t wanna hear Him speak talk more of hold you in His arms but still I was ignorant thinking that my stubbornness was strong enough to push Him away ‘because how could I have survived those moments if He didn’t damn my stubbornness and carried me on His arms – the Bible spoke of sin as the cause of separation of the people of Judah from God but mine was lack of understanding. I didn’t understand God so I took it all out on Him but He understood my lack of understanding and bore me safely in His arms.


Q3: How did that change when you became born again?

Basically, a lot of things had to change and this change was gradual because the environment changed. I was used to so many things and God had different rules, routines, regimen and you know the beautiful thing is His things were way better but the peak of it for me was knowing with God, things don’t always come packaged shinny and dreamy. Sometimes you gonna get hurt to grow (growing pains) and above all, knowing that God was aware that adjustments always come with going back and forth and He’s not gonna use against us. There were days when I wouldn’t feel like God and would feel like is this any better? And I would just lock up but God gets it; we are the ones who try to project a kind of God that doesn’t understand on ourselves. Like we wanna make God mad at us by force! God is love – it’s not a characteristics; it’s His persona. . . He wouldn’t suffer anyone of His children to be! He’s very persistent!


Q4: What is the most exciting thing about your relationship with God?

The most exciting thing about my relationship with God is learning to Trust! I’m a worrier; had anxiety issues and some days I would have to tell myself Be anxious for nothing – won’t you just cast your cares upon Him. Not trusting God was pretty easy for me because I had once felt He abandoned me but trusting Him was way harder. . . it challenged me; made me to be uncomfortable – it was outta my comfort zone thing you know! I think Trust is just the thing – learning to trust Him, His timing, His instructions, His guidance, His provisions, the situations I’m in – that just like Job, even if I don’t understand it, why it had to be, why it’s happening over again, when it would end, never will I feel abandoned and this year basically I grew in my trust relationship because it was pretty rough but I could feel Him all around me; I could hear Him speak and then I realized, it’s God or nothing else and I learnt to personalize God! He’s mine.


Q5: Can you give a short account of a particular incident that was evidence of your vital relationship with God or your coming into a new life in Christ?

I’m a beneficiary of God’s grace gift. You know that song by James Fortune Grace Gift! That’s what I enjoyed. All through myself, I’ve basically gone from one abuse to the other – from 15 till I was 23; had moments of failures, delay and setbacks – had to be my one and only fan. There were days I really craved that someone would believe in me so it would help me believe in myself; days I wanted to give up! There were really depressive and suicidal moments – I battled unforgiveness, anger, letting go, being hopeful. I was lost but I had my soul untainted. Somehow, I was still nice, friendly, sacrificial, still had love; there weren’t so many people like me who are beautifully broken; many are badly broken and you know what, I realized this very year, that some didn’t go through half of what I did and they’ve lost their mind, body and soul and some who have been through worse or same are not different but I like to think I am and if I am that’s not because I’m superhuman but because God wouldn’t let go of me ‘cause I like to wonder if God had let go, probably would have been an example of worst case scenario! I have a growing career (I was surprised the day someone left a comment on a picture I took with a particular person – this person had uploaded it and she was like is that Ibukunwrites from Instagram and I was like wow!); I’ve had opportunities to showcase what I can do and I trust God for more, bigger and better because I’m His project and He knows what He’s doing and my manifestation is in stages and I’m learning to trust each one of them. Finally, I also believe I have a ministry and in His time, God will unravel that blossoming ministry because I know He’s working on me so constantly – morning, day and night and even though some of it comes in growing pains but I’m more than a conqueror.

Written by: @ibukunwrites. Check out her  blog



Day 19 – To love and be loved – a featured story


Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.


I grew up in a house of prayer. A family who puts God first in everything. We were at church almost everyday and prayed together as a family every morning and night but I never quite understood why.

To me it was like, you’ve got to do all this so you have a successful and fulfilled life. It became like a tradition that I carried on to middle school.

Not to say that I didn’t answer the prayer of salvation a few times. I did. Even many times than I can remember. Beginning from elementary school all the way to middle school. So I kept following the rules but I always felt short. It felt totally impossible. Like trying to float on water strapped with 100kg of sand.

It got to the point where I literally had to think, ‘have I lied today?’ How many people did I lie to?’ I was too focused on trying to fix me. That’s an impossible task I tell you.

I got angry at God a few times for not meeting my request. The funniest was when I decided that I didn’t care about God since he didn’t care about me. So I lived life.

Actually, scratch that. I thought I was living life with no rules…

Image result for it ain't much but its all i got

…and no one to account to (that was the deal breaker for me).  I hated being told what to do and how to act and i became rebellious. Guess what? I wasn’t satisfied! Life became meaningless. I was a happy but never felt Joy or Peace.

  I totally believe in divine appointment. You know being at a certain place at a certain time because that was what changed everything for me. It started from having a guest speaker talk about Jesus in a light that I never understood before. He spoke about the LOVE of Jesus and how much He gave for us even before we ever existed. He spoke about GRACE.

Not like I’ve never heard those teachings before but there was something different this time. It was like all my life had been

leading to that point. Something happened in my spirit, I was brought to my knees and everything changed.

I rededicated my life to Jesus.

I no longer did the things I did to receive good things from God but because I LOVE Him so much. I am still learning to love. I got to understand that when I love God, I can love myself and then others. This is His commandment. To love and be loved.

God’s word came alive to me. I experienced the supernatural.

An experience I like to share:

While in High school, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep. That was weird cause it never happened to me. I felt really weird too, like sad and I started crying. Then I asked God, what is happening? Why am I awake? Then he said, Pray. I asked, about what? He said, pray for your mother. Pray that she wouldn’t die. I didn’t need any motivation. I started to pray and eventually went back to sleep. I felt peace. I later asked my mom if anything had happened that night and she said she had been under an attack that she couldn’t pray or do anything.

That’s amazing. A God that defends us. He raises up soldiers to stand in the gap for us.

I wouldn’t say there haven’t been challenges or difficulties but one thing I know. I would do it all over again, in a heartbeat.

God needs nothing from us, He wants us to LOVE and be LOVED.


For Muslims seeking the truth I recommend that you read the book ‘Seeking Allah, finding Jesus’ by Nabeel Qureshi

For atheists or Christians looking to understand biblical teachings I recommend ‘Mere Christianity’ by CS Lewis.

Life-story by: Grace Ayanlowo

Today’s post was owned and I just let it flow. I trust this has got you thinking. Looking forward to sharing tomorrow’s story. ….And oh! Tomorrow is the birthday y’all. I’d be doing two posts tomorrow: Two more features! … Stay tuned!


Day 18 – …by chance or by choice… – a featured story

Today’s post captures very key turning points of a young man’s life (I’m sure he would be happy that I referred to him as that). But this is that one person with whom I have bonded over, on so many things. From profession to walk with God, to visions and dreams. There is a demeanour I admire about him, and as you read along you would understand what that is about…

Q1: What was life like before you were born again? More specifically, what was your view point on life like? i.e people, yourself etc.
A1: _I was a regular lad born into a Christian home and living under strict Christian tenets. I always wondered why the most enticing things then were the things we were always warned against doing. I craved to be free and without a need to live a restrictive life. Sometimes I wondered why I was even born and had to live under certain rules or risk spending eternity in hell. These were too much for me accept. While I lived in fear of eternity, I yet found pockets of opportunities to indulge in almost every juvenile delinquency practicable then._
Q2: What was the deal breaker for you to make the decision receive Christ into your life?

A2: _A moment came in my life when I began asking myself and God real questions. It was after I lost my mum. I drifted into free thinking and tried different faiths – Buddhism, Islam, even some sort of occultism. These didn’t provide the deep answers I earnestly sought after. Then I stumbled upon Rick Warren’s book – ‘The Purpose Driven Life’. The 40-day reading period was my turning point. I came across a question that sparked the flame in me “are you a Christian by chance or by choice”?  Answering this question by deciding to be Christian by choice, helped me understand why so many Christians don’t enjoy the full benefits of a Christ like life. _
Q3: How did that change when you became born again?

A3: _The primary thing I learnt when I became born again is that; God does not alter the garment of righteousness to fit a man, He alters the man instead. This was my point of total surrender. I used to trust a lot in my abilities and I used to like to be able to control everything in my life (of course in futility), but I discovered that burdens, no matter how mighty, are lifted at Calvary. From that point onwards, my life became a testimony. Ordinarily, I would have waved them off as coincidences, but these ‘coincidences’ only started happening after my surrender. My fears vanished and I could for once truly look forward to eternity._

Q4: What is the most exciting thing about your relationship with God?

A4: _The realness of God and His faithfulness in my relationship with Him never cease to excite and thrill me. An unforgettable memory of this really exciting relationship with God happened during a personal early morning fellowship with God. I was so lost in worship so much so that I could feel the palpable presence of God’s Spirit all around me. Later that morning, during our family devotion, my dad and sister kept saying there was something absolutely radiant about me that morning – the glory of God upon me was too obvious just like it was upon Moses after he met with God._
Q5: Can you give a short account of a particular incident that was evidence of your vital relationship with God or your coming into a new life in Christ?

A5: _Difficult to choose as there’ve been numerous. I’ve run into armed robbers operating on the highway, they stole from and brutalised practically everyone on the bus except me. I’ve been selected for a competitive position by industry professionals (who didn’t know me) by mere looking at me and asking my name. Lines have fallen for me in very many pleasant places I couldn’t have been able to pull together all by myself. I have successfully walked paths others more talented and qualified than myself walked and failed. All these and many more have been by the faithfulness, grace, love and mercies of God._

Maybe you are wondering about your faith in God. What really does it mean to you? Has it yet evolved from a thing of chance to a conviction of choice. Until this happens it may never have the impact as it should in your life. You can make that choice today by accepting the gift of a new life in Christ.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s featured story…blessings!

Day 17 – Disappointment turned around – a featured story

Today’s post features the story of a very dear friend of mine. Our paths crossed in our journey to discovering who God is and the meaning of having a relationship with Him. Our friendship or should I say, sisterhood has thrived ever since. These are snippets of her story guided by questions:

What was life like before you were born again? More specifically, what was your view point on life like? i.e people, yourself etc.

My life was just there, pretty random I guess lol. I just got to Canada and I was ready to do everything that I felt like my parents had “restricted” me from doing. I came with a plan of going wild but keeping my grades up so they don’t have a say… Yeah, I was pretty stupid and I thought I was smart kmt…

What was the deal breaker for you to make the decision receive Christ into your life?

The deal breaker was when I came to a point where I realised that GOD was the only trust worthy person.

I lost someone who was like a sister to me and I shared it with the person who was supposed to be the most important person in my life at that time. This person pushed off my pain to the side and wanted us to focus on something that was really minute in comparison. This reaction was very painful and they just made me take some time to think. The conclusion I came to was that I needed GOD, HE was the only trust worthy person and from there, I decided to give my life to CHRIST.

What is the most exciting thing about your relationship with God?
The most exciting thing about my relationship with GOD is the way it evolves. I get to a point where I know GOD or HE does something for me and I’m like “YOOOOOOOOO GOD just blew my mind, HE is too on point” and then after that, HE does something else and it just blows the previous thing HE did or the previous revelation of HIM out of the park. GOD is really THE BOMB! 

If I may borrow Sinach’s words “When I thought that HE had done too much, JESUS did it again”

I wonder if you are able to relate to a disappointment from a person you trusted so much. Discovering and developing a vital relationship with God could turn all of that around because though they might disappoint, you can count on His love for you.

If you would like your salvation story featured, you could reach out to me via DM via instagram @i__b__k. Or just leave a comment below. You could also send suggestions of questions of their stories you would like to see asked. More features will be up over the next couple of days…stay tuned!

Day 16 – Iced cream for all!

It was a super sunny day. The scorching heat was merciless. The sea side haven had turned to a burning hell. People needed to get themselves wet as much as they could. There was no water anywhere(don’t ask me why), except the sea water of course. Which was….salty. Sun screens were cracking and parched throats were panting. For just a drop of water, or even better, a lick of iced cream. Isn’t that what iced creams were made for? For sunny days like this? But anyways….

A stone throw from the cluster of people by the seaside was a kiosk. A kiosk that no one dared to go because iced cream there was like buying gold. It was that expensive. Water? water was not available….let’s focus on iced cream.

Image result for Iced cream by the seaside

Nobody dared go to the kiosk because they knew that no matter how much they begged or how much they tried to gather money, the iced creams will stay in the freezer. All of their monies together could not afford to get a single iced cream. Yes, that is the reality of this world, lol…just follow please.

Little did they know that not too long from when the last person was there, an influential wealthy fellow had come by to purchase enough iced cream for every single one at the sea side. Mr kiosk man, being a funny guy, collects the money and is just chilling in his store. A passersby happened to have seen it all and he went straight for his share. Mr. Kiosk man gave it straight to him, after all it had been paid for. Mr. passersby is so excited, as he squanders his first round of iced cream while running to tell the others. “There’s free iced cream, free iced cream for all!!!” he yells. Many did not believe him, it was simply too good to be true. Some decided to give it a try…it was easy pizzy – all they had to do was head to the kiosk and demand for their iced cream that Mr. influential had paid for…and Bam! they had it…as much as they wanted…

When Jesus died to pay our debt, he did that for the whole world. The whole of humanity. Because it has already been paid for, all you need do is believe that your debt of death has been paid for and place your demand by confessing that He was raised to give you a new life and bam! done. It is that easy, because He already paid.

All of this writing and all of similar things you might have seen on this subject, are people telling you that “Hey! someone already paid for your iced  cream, just go place your demand” Your key to living your life to the fullest is in your mouth.

 Romans 10:8-10 – “But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart”—that is, the word [the message, the basis] of faith which we preach— because if you acknowledge and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord [recognizing His power, authority, and majesty as God], and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart a person believes [in Christ as Savior] resulting in his justification [that is, being made righteous—being freed of the guilt of sin and made acceptable to God]; and with the mouth he acknowledges and confesses [his faith openly], resulting in and confirming [his] salvation.

All you need to do is believe that your debt has been paid and confess, making the declaration that what He has made available to you (His salvation, new life, God-class….iced cream) is now yours. It’s that simple. If you want to make this decision, you can follow the prayer below, after the main blog content.

But what can I say? It doesn’t hurt to give this a try. You might be debating about the validity of this but I can tell you it’s real because I have experienced it. I know what my life was before and after I made this decision to receive His gift of salvation. It’s made a world of difference in everything about me. I would be sharing a snippet of that story on the very last day of this 21-blog challenge but till then, I would be sharing the stories of other people who have made this decision. This is their story, my story and could be your story. There’s a higher cause of living. There is a place of fulfillment and meaning. There is an expression of deep,profound love. You can experience it too if you haven’t. Stay tuned for the stories…

If you already made this decision from this post , I’d like to congratulate you and I’d  definitely love to hear from you! There is more to know about growing in this new life. You could contact me via DM on (instagram: i__b__k)

If this particular post is not adding up to you, you should see born again?!  and The just Judge… . Those should put this post into perspective.


The Prayer of Salvation“O Lord God, I come to You in the Name of Jesus Christ. Your Word says, “…whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Acts 2:21). I ask Jesus to come into my heart to be the Lord of my life.
I receive eternal life into my spirit and according to Romans 10:9, “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved,” I declare that I am saved; I am born-again; I am a child of God! I now have Christ dwelling in me, and greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! (1 John4:4).  I now walk in the consciousness of my new life in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!”

Day 15 – The Just Judge…

You stood before the judge with sweaty palms as a bead of sweat rolled down from your forehead and straight into your mouth. Salty. You wanted to spit it right out, but at this point, it had consumed your taste buds. From the sweat, from the tears…this whole thing does not make sense. I mean yes, I did commit murder a few years back. But really, so much has happened after that. For one, I have given so much to charity, I’m a kind neighbor and nothing dramatic has really happened after that crazy event. In fact, it was a mistake, I did not mean to do it. I didn’t see him coming, I was slightly distracted, and there he was on the floor, in the pool of blood. I had to run, I couldn’t stand the sight. But here I am now, standing in front of this Judge like this is the end of my race, of the chase. Can somebody grab me a glass of water?!

Image result for glass of water

The judge knew everything well. I could tell from his eyes that if he could talk to me in private it would be to let me know that he just had to deliver justice. It was his job, his integrity, his character. What kind of judge would he be anyway if he let me go? Yes, I could sense his empathy. But his eyes, his eyes were that of justice, yet filled with love. His voice stated I pleaded guilty but the look he gave me, was sort of like, like….he had a plan. However, this was the voice and verdict of justice. I saw the other convicted ones lined up in front of me, as they gave a returning glance of pity as though they could take my place; they and I both knew there was nothing they could do about it. I was now one of them. Hadn’t I always been? I was only now just being served what I deserved.

Image result for judge silhouette

It was at the very moment where I had accepted my fate, that I heard the most piercing voice. A voice that sounded much like the Judge’s but as though the love in his eyes was now poured out over justice, like water over ice. It was soothing. His words didn’t matter as much as the sound of his voice. I knew exactly what this meant. *gasps* The judge did have a plan. What?! Nothing could adequately express the way I felt at this moment. My eyes sought for the source of this sudden burden-lifter. Wait, did he just say, what I just heard?! As though he could hear the voice of my mind. The words were echoed again, “I would serve their sentence; I would, I would *sighs* take their place”. I stared at the Judge as if to say did you hear that?! He had a smile. Wait, what does this all mean; can someone explain this to me? ….

It took someone without any record of wrong, it took someone with an understanding of justice to take the place of every single one convicted in the room that day. There was a debt that needed to be paid, and it took someone without any debt to pay. From the standpoint of the one whom I owe, in this case, was justice, my account is debt-free. Yes, somebody else paid…but they paid for me. So that makes me… debt-free!

Hey! Someone did that for you. Your natural human nature was born into a debt…was born into sin. A state that would keep you from living life to the fullest. But the judge (God) sent Jesus to take your place of condemnation. He was the perfect sacrifice. Nobody else in the world could do this because they are all convicted with the same debt. It took someone from the Judge Himself, who was not only free of convictions, but also the expression of Justice.

Over 10,000 years ago he walked the face of this earth. With one purpose and one goal – to become the payment for the sins of the world. He did. But it didn’t just stop there. He rose again on the third day so that you can be brought into a newness of life. So that you could be brought into the God-class (see yesterday’s post here, to have a better understanding of this). He came so that you can be born again.

So what happens from here? If someone did that already, why is the world in chaos? Doesn’t that mean that we are automatically all debt-free. What do I need to do to tap into this? Posts from the next few days will be dealing with these questions….so stay tuned!

You could contact me if you have any questions or comments via DM on (instagram: i__b__k) or just leave a comment down below.

PS: If you are interested in seeing references from the Bible from which this illustration was culled, see (Romans 3:23-24, 2 Corinthians 5:19 and John 3:16).




Day 14 – Born Again?!

Related image

Coming from a background where this phrase was thrown around ever so frequently, I never realized how weird and almost ‘funny’ it might sound to some.

‘Born again?!’ Your first reaction might not be much different than that of Nicodemus when Jesus had first mentioned the phrase to Him. The conversation was something like this:

 Jesus replied, “With all the earnestness I possess I tell you this: Unless you are born again, you can never get into the Kingdom of God.”

“Born again!” exclaimed Nicodemus. “What do you mean? How can an old man go back into his mother’s womb and be born again?”

How possible is that? The meaning this expression – ‘born again’ (which could also be understood when you read through the rest of the chapter in John chapter 3) is that, there is a rebirth that occurs in your spirit and not of your human body.

In essence, I could explain it like this.  When you were born from your mother’s womb, you were born with a spirit and nature that could not communicate or interact with God. It would be much like a human being trying to communicate with a dog, or a cow; yes, it’s possible to an extent, in terms of giving certain commands (I mean you can say “Bingo, catch” or  “Bingo, sit” and he would respond) but not in terms of fellowship as you would another human being (You can’t have as much as a good time with Bingo as you would your girlfriends or your boy squad).

In the same way, that’s the best your interaction God could ever be if you are not born again. Being born again is to have your spirit reawakened to a new awareness of having God as your Father. It is an elevation of nature from the mere-human class to the God-class. When you are born again, you are able to relate with God in a more intimate way which was simply impossible prior. Being born again is to have the God-kind of life or nature. To better understand this – I’m sure you could relate to how there is such a thing as a plant-nature, and animal-nature, a human-nature…and then there is God-nature or the God-kind of life. That’s was what Jesus communicated later in the chapter 3 of John as referenced earlier:

16 “For God so [greatly] loved and dearly prized the world, that He[even] gave His [One and] [a]only begotten Son, so that whoever believes and trusts in Him [as Savior] shall not perish, but have eternal life.

‘Eternal life’ from the verse referenced above, in the original Greek transcript, is translated ‘Zoë’ which simply means ‘God-kind of life/nature’. Now what role does Jesus have in this? What is a One and only begotten Son? Why do we need to believe and trust Him?

I’d be focusing tomorrow’s post on answering these questions, so stay tuned…


PS: I do realize I’m off by one day on my 21-day challenge but the post will be made up for sometime in the week. :). Oh, and have an awesome week ahead!

Like Gomer, Like us….

So from last post I did make a promise to relate the meaning of Christ’s love the best way I can. I decided that I’d just share snippets from a movie I watched called ‘the book of Hosea’. It’s not really about the movie than it is about the imagery itself engraved in the experiences shared in the book… the experience of a prophet called Hosea…

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God told him to go marry a harlot. Yh, a prostitute. This lady’s name was Gomer; pretty looking and all but her eye was not in one place (that was supposed to have a Nigerian accent emphasis, lol). Hosea was hardworking working clay pots for a living but Gomer wanted to live the flamboyant life so she would go the market place to feed her eyes on all the beautiful jewelry hoping that a charming passersby would purchase one for her. She would cheat on her husband, giving lies every day of why she was arriving at odd hours of the night. And she had kids too o. (Please note my narration is based of off the movie interpretation; a lot of this can be insinuated from the scripture passage). As you would imagine Prophet Hosea knew all along but this was the amazing part… Our aunty Gomer had a bad situation with one of her ‘clients’ with influence who sentenced her to be sold as a slave. She was out for bidding  in the market place. Bidding prices were in our terms, say 20 dollars ish…not much, some people were bidding to take for their bicycle, their ‘keke napep’, their iPhone 4S maybe. And then Hosea shows up on the scene and he is offering to get her back for all the prices that were formerly mentioned plus all of his life savings.

Crazy if you ask me. But that is the kind of love that God has extended to us in Christ. God is love and irrespective of how man had been severed from fellowship with Him because of their sinful nature, He still reached out with His very best, with the endowment of Himself in Christ. Jesus did not come to form a new religion. He did not die a martyr. He died as a sacrifice. He was raised back to life so that we can come to a life of fellowship with God. A life where we experience His love for ourselves.

The love of Christ is not some theory cooked up somewhere. It is real and experiencial. It is the reality of the one who has come into a vital relationship with God through Jesus.

If you are interested in seeing the movie ‘Amazing Love’, you could check it out on this link here. 

Next week’s posts would be featuring live personal stories of people who have experienced the Love of Jesus in their lives. This thing is real people and it is worth living and dying for? I’m excited to share stories and especially mine at some point. Because, hey! that’s the reason I can’t be quiet about it. It’s real bee!

Well, until then have a blessed weekend. Oh and tomorrow’s post is going to have some funny stories that happened this week; talk about the most planned out prank ever! I don’t like to admit that I am that gullible. *covers face*.

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